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File standards

Dverso engine make uses of few file types, here a comprehensive list of what you can import inside.

3d files

We support 3d files in the .glb format. Glb is the defacto standard for web 3d files transmission, and we support glb + draco compression.

Limits and Optimization

Please be aware that as dverso is web based we are currently limited by browsers performance so we need to apply some limitations to files.

  • Files should be under 32mbs at the upload step, you should be targeting 1 to 5mb max for optimal loading speeds.
  • We generate 2 levels of details for each file, one for further view and one for close view.
  • We try to limit to 10000 vertices the level 0 (closer to camera) the objects.
  • Texture will be shrunk to max 1024x1024.
  • Texture will be shrunk further if more than 5 textures over 1024 are present inside the file.
  • We provide automatic physics calculation but over 10000 vertices physics could be buggy.

Image files

We support .png and .jpg/.jpeg as image files, in the 3d world images will be limited to 1024x1024

Audio files

We support .mp3 audio files, target for max 3mb upload size.